How to Share Files Among Android Phones and Any PC Without Wire

All of us never thought that one day we’re able to actually use either a google phone or a tablet to create a lot of content in one segment. Between paperwork and pictures taken on your smartphone and that special content

hammered away of your Fly Contact tablet PC, you’ll notice there’s always something on your mobile device that you’d like to dig out from your computer. Thanks a lot to Dooblou WiFi Data file Explorer that is built to handle this job perfectly.

Before we even knew about wireless data file explorers such as this, we’re able to only transfer files from the phone in two ways: For instance, you’d put the file in Dropbox or use an UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS cable to hook up the PC

and the mobile phone to transfer files. When ever you talk of wires in this 21st-century –really, it’s a painful course a person shouldn’t have to undergo, and Dropbox sounds like an unproductive solution for handling such tremendous file transfers.

Share Files Among Android Phones and Any PC

What is a WiFi File Manager?

WiFi File Explorer is an Android iphone app that uses your Android cellular phone or tablet Wi-Fi hyperlink with link your cordless network, which then it comes up with little Web server-like on your network that allows you to go

through your files from any other PC on the network. All you should do is merely to go to your personal computer and enter an Internet protocol address including the port number the iphone app software provides you, for

example 192. 168. 1. 77: 8000, and then you’ll have a list availed to you from your phone’s data files and folders just right at your browser windowpane.

The WiFi File Browser iphone app has a security password protection as an option, which I believe it should probably come empowered by default, but sadly its not. You may consider enabling it when using it the first time.

The good thing about the device is that an individual just copy data; you can also stream music and video from your Android mobile mobile phone. The original version which retails for less than two dollars, adds the knack to create fresh directories on your cellphone, download several files from the device as well, down load complete directories, stream-media playlists, and many others.

Absolutely, WiFi File Explorer software cannot be concluded that it’s the only cordless file sharing software for Android phones, but it could brag as being the simplest, and for that reason, it may well get huge attention from productive-minded users.

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